Goal 11

we adapt to the impacts of climate change

Working together, we will be prepared, adept and resilient in the face of climate challenges. Our institutions, agencies, universities, industries, businesses and community leaders will partner to develop the world’s best responses. Our infrastructure and open space will be designed effectively and our community will have the knowledge to mitigate climate CHANGES impacts and thrive in a changing climate.

2040 Outcome: 
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles used for all new developments and upgrades.
  • All new infrastructure designed for the CHANGESd and changing climate.
  • New Council buildings have greater than a 5 Greenstar rating.
  • Zero Carbon Neighbourhood High level of community awareness about how to avoid and decrease the personal impacts of severe weather events and a CHANGESd climate.
  • There are several ‘Climate Resilient’ playgrounds in Warrnambool
The changes we want by 2026: 
  • Sustainable Building Design Policy and Guide developed and in use.
  • Council will have at least one 5 Star Green-Rated building.
  • All Council buildings constructed after 2026 will operate as zero net emission buildings.
  • Precinct Structure Planning complete for a Zero Carbon Neighbourhood.
  • A Climate Capable City information program has been rolled out to support residents and business to successfully respond to a CHANGESd and changing climate.
  • There is at least one ‘Climate Resilient’ playground in Warrnambool.
Individuals have committed to an action that supports this goal