Goal 15

We will become a city in nature.

We will be connected by green infrastructure and corridors of urban forest to support resilient and connected biodiversity. An increase in tree canopy cover in our urban areas will provide shade and carbon sinks, and decrease the number and severity of heat islands, while supporting biodiversity. The city will be abundant with green spaces, green roofs, vertical gardens and we will grow our own food in community gardens, market gardens, backyards and nature strips.

2040 Outcome: 
  • Warrnambool urban areas will have 30% canopy cover from vegetation.
  • Over 50% of fresh produce, consumed in Warrnambool is sourced locally, from backyards, community gardens, farmers’ markets and local businesses.
The changes we want by 2026: 
  • Warrnambool urban areas will have 10% canopy cover from vegetation
  • At least 1 Green Streets initiative underway.
  • City Centre and has 3 greener built spaces
  • The community has knowledge and connection to local producers, growers, manufactures and businesses.
  • Local Fresh Food Plan is developed and implemented.
  • Neighbour Food Assets increase with two vegetable patch nature strips supported.
Individuals have committed to an action that supports this goal