Replacement goals
Warrnambool Rangers Football Club
How it Aligns with W2040: 

Warrnambool Rangers currently run two pitches for soccer games. One of the pitches has goals that are very old, rusting and will soon be not fit for purpose. We require new goals to replace these and be able to offer players the opportunity to train and play competitive games with high quality equipment. We operate in two soccer leagues and predominantly use this pitch for children aged 8-16, if we do not replace the goals we will be unable to offer soccer to this age group and will lose a group of children who enjoy this healthy team based sport. We also use this pitch for our young Matidas group which is an initiative to encourage more young girls to be involved with soccer. The project will enable the club to be sustainable in the future and offer competitive team sport to children, youths and young adults. Although not a green project we will be able to offer sport on a limited budget and these particular goals should last many years without us having to purchase more in the near future therefore not  contributing to any landfill.