Goal 1

An inclusive community that embraces all residents and visitors, Warrnambool welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and ensures people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds are respected and can participate fully in the community.

Warrnambool acknowledges respects and celebrates the diverse cultures, beliefs and history which makes up our community.

2040 Outcome: 

All residents are respectful, accepting and welcoming to people of all ages, abilities, cultures, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation and faiths.

The changes we want by 2026: 
  • The majority of W2040 Partners have workplace diversity, disability access and inclusion policies.
  • Warrnambool is recognised as an ‘established’ member of the Welcoming Cities Network.
  • The Warrnambool community hosts regular events to welcome new residents and celebrate diversity.
  • Proportion of residents born overseas has increased since 2016 (Census).
  • More residents say that multiculturalism definitely makes life better (44%, 2017)
  • More residents say that people in Warrnambool are accepting of people of different ethnic cultures; religious backgrounds and sexual orientation (51%, 2017)*
  • A majority of residents who identify as culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) say that Warrnambool people accept and welcome them.
  • The number of cultures represented in local cafes/ restaurants has increased.
  • Warrnambool has achieved action to support the World Health Organisation’s Age-Friendly Cities and Unicef’s Child-Friendly Cities Frameworks
  • Residents with a disability say that Warrnambool is more accessible than in 2017.
Individuals have committed to an action that supports this goal