Goal 8

The region’s transport infrastructure is the best in regional Victoria and contributes to the city’s liveability and prosperity. Travelling by train from Warrnambool to Melbourne takes around two hours. The frequent rail services to Melbourne and the roads across the region are safe, efficient and maintained to a high standard.

2040 Outcome: 
  • Travelling time by train between Melbourne and Warrnambool has been reduced to 2 hours.
  • No road accidents in South West Victoria result in serious injury or death for drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.
  • Road design and quality safely accommodates autonomous vehicles.
  • Warrnambool’s Regional Airport meets the needs of business & industry, tourism and local residents.
The changes we want by 2026: 
  • Princes Highway West Upgrade (from Colac to the South Australian border) is funded and works are underway.
  • Warrnambool Railway Line Upgrade is completed providing increased reliability and frequency of services and enable modern V/Locity trains to run on the line.
  • Warrnambool Regional Airport Runway Upgrade and other priority projects are completed